Contract of sale for exclusive but temporary rights.

RMI is only an intermediary – the sales relationship is directly between buyer and seller and they will deliver the relevant data on purchase.

  • on purchase, RMI delivers a FILE for download (high resolution photos or videos, vector file, or a music track) and remove from the server
  • For one year buyers can have unlimited*, exclusive use of the purchased file (the only possible license for the use of the contents of FILE) but duty tell the seller all use.
  • For that one year, sellers will not permit use of the file’s content to any other user, and DECLARE:

1 To have not yet granted use of the FILE’s content to another user, otherwise the buyer need to know. 

2 To be the exclusive rights owner of the content of the FILE

3 To have prepared disclaimers for the subjects and objects depicted in the FILE

*right of use it is not transferable

The seller may declare (in the description) limits in each file. of use, of time or other.

Decision of the sale price is up to the seller.

The RMI commission (generally 50%) will be determined to each FILE.

10% of the price always goes to charity in a fund for artists in need.